BP 12


I agree that there are skills outside of our degree that we gain through our college experience because my leadership experiences through student organizations confirms it. Richard emphasizes the importance of gaining more than the coursework while we are in school. Through my experiences, these skills he talks about plus my knowledge has helped me in my internships.

Though I concede that GPA is not a key to unlock all opportunities, I still insist that you need to have a deeper understanding of your field and possibly other signals to show your value.  Friedman is right that colleges are under delivering, but he seems on more dubious ground when he claims that we are ready for major alternatives to college.

Beaky’s claim that people would not desire to go to a community college where it leads to one job rests upon the questionable assumption that all people are looking for higher education. There are circumstances where people have to go to school quickly to get just a job. This could lead to the financial ability to take night classes or something similar.

By focusing on the data for the benefits of higher education, Pew Research Center overlooks the deeper problem of the quality of that education. They should focus on the possibility and success of alternative routes. Better yet, they should help students understand which colleges are better for their major. In the report, they talk about the relevance of the degree that students gained. I believe they should help encourage students and enlighten them to which colleges fit them.

Ray’s theory of job replacement being lower skilled jobs is extremely useful because it sheds light on the need for students to understand what career they want and go after the major to help them achieve that. Students can not idly go by in school with how expensive tuition has become.

Thwing is mistaken because she overlooks that not everyone is religious in college. Even if they are, I am finding more spiritual growth from my church that is detached from college. College is usually a time as well where students fall prey to partying and sexual temptations.


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