I am struggling still to narrow the view of my topic to something specific. Wrestling with alternative routes and college, this is debate right now with the rise of massive open online courses. There is one argument that MOOCs will completely fail. Most people still do not believe in these alternative routes either such as the Thiel Fellowship or Enstitute. Thiel Fellowship gives 100k for students to stop out of school to pursue an idea. People do not think that this is a viable option beside college. There are a number of reasons credibility, maturing of students, and belief that college is the only way. Today, I do no think we are ready to accept some of these alternative routes for everyone. I do however, support these methods for passion and driven students. Technology is shaping the world every single day and there needs to be engaging learning experiences in colleges. There are here and there but for the most part we are stuck in power point lecture driven courses. Finding that balance between engaging online learning and a professors that connects with students is going to be key for universities. I have applied to programs like Hack Reactor & Enstitute. My experience with one of them was great until the end of the application round when they cut the finalists. Hack Reactor looks like an amazing program. I look at it more as a “Grad School” because it is focused on industry trends. We need to have that theory still which is what college provides. In the best light, we could have a hybrid of these programs. Instead of denying them as many do, why don’t we combine them to get best of both sides?


One thought on “BP13

  1. I agree, feel that a lot of courses now days are just power point based and that we are just taught theory. But we really need to be taught what the industries of today are actually teaching instead of what colleges think we need to know.

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