Uncollege is about helping people weigh and understand the alternatives to college. The website provides amazing resources for self-directed learning! Each week they send out a newsletter outlining articles about higher ed alternatives. One possible tweak to the website would be tips or guidance for those in college. That way those students could get the most out of their time in college. A story tab explains everything about Uncollege. It helps the visitor understand their mission and understand what they do.

Another big part of the website is the Gap Year tab. Gap Year is a program where students can participate either after high school or anytime during or after college. It takes the fellows on an adventurous journey as they travel and gain skills from internships, and more. This is one of the innovative paths being forged as an alternative to college.

Uncollege has many ways for you to contribute or join in on the movement. I was blessed with the opportunity to fly to San Francisco to attend a Hackademic. This is a weekend where you met 13 others who are passionate about self-directed learning. Through out the weekend, you will hear from speaks and be a part of various activities.

The blog and resources page is extremely valuable. The resource page as mentioned above is full of incredible links for you to find places to learn. Each week they update their blog with insightful posts on helping students better understanding unschooling and self-directed learning.

Uncollege attempts to have you ask yourself why you are in college and know what path is best for you.


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