At first, I was going with what I was comfortable with an area that I had past knowledge. Quickly, I would realize that this would only take me so far. In the beginning, I will be honest I was leaning on past experience and articles that I had read. Yet without structure and knowledge of academic writing, I was just another blogger talking about the issues in higher ed. Summarizing and analyzing the authors work is one tool that I would improve to help me better convey my own thoughts. By learning how to construct arguments and support statements, I was able to voice my own opinion on the matter. Our textbooks in this class are books I will not sell back for extra cash but books I will reference later in my academic career. This is more than a general education course. This course is vital to becoming an academic and contributing productively to an area of interest. Now as I read other journals, I can see the structure and technique they used to craft their article. We took a deep look at successfully using sources and not simply going through the motions. In highschool, I feel that if you had any sources at all then that was perfectly fine. We now have better understanding on how to correctly utilize these sources. Another tidbit, our library is an amazing resource with access to so much content someone could write about anything. Looking back now on the semester, I wish I could have invested even more time to improve than I did. All in all, I will walk away understanding truly what it means to write an academic journal article.


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