Found out that I accidentally posted this BP on the wrong blog and wrote two:

This was the first one that I lost.

I found that each article brought something a bit different to the table. Digging down and capturing exactly what the author is saying can be difficult. With my question, everyone defines college education differently. Some tend to say what is lacking and skills that we need outside of our degree. Others focus on what it means to not get a college degree. While, some focus on what already is there and how to make the most of it. I have been taking all of these sources in and weighing what they have to say. My view on my opportunity alone that I am in college has greatly increased. We are blessed to be able to further our education and invest in our future. Self realization and  inner growth are huge parts of growing while in college. Numerous articles talked about the improvement of oneself. By doing these summaries, I have to look deep into meaning because I have to explain what they are conveying. This can be difficult when reading a scholarly article. Sometimes they use language that is not to the point but the meaning is hidden within words. Next time, I will skim over sources before deciding on them. Some sources I want to write more on and it is hard not to. For example, the research report is sixty plus pages and it is hard to define down to a couple of sentences what they are proving.


I enjoyed researching this topic. One thing I found was that writing these summaries really helped you hone in on what the source was really about. After nailing this down, I could really see which sources contributed more and which did not. Using the fill in the blank template was extremely helpful in just focusing on the content. Next go around, I would have finished each summary right after reading the source. I had to skim four or five times when writing this essay because I would forget the main points or arguments. I had highlighted most of them which saved me in the end. It is hard using the format we did because you have to state what the author was attempting to say. I might have gone through more sources if I this was the only thing I had to focus on. This topic is really important to me and I wish I can go deeper into the meaning. Some of the sources when I dug deep did not hit exactly what I needed but had support for certain aspects. My sources worked together to create a complete covering of the topic. Each contributed their own side of the story and helped develop the overall answer.  I found it interesting seeing how some that I thought were strong were not as much as others after breaking them down.


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