This week I went to the library and checked out two books that I could read for essay 2. One book published more recently “What is College for? The Public Purpose of Higher Education” by Ellen Condliffe Lagemann and Harry Lewis. This book is great so far in address the purpose of a college degree. It also talks about what is lacking in our current higher ed setting. Next, I checked out “What is college for? The Struggle to Define American Higher Education?” by Zachary Karabell. This book is from 1998. Comparison between both books will be extremely interesting to see how the state of higher education has changed. My methods have been to read over them and highlight key points as I read. There are still many sources I need to read but the ones I have are providing great insight. One of the important aspects I paid attention to was to have sources from different sides. I have learned that a sometimes the articles are off even though the title sounds appealing. I am going to have to see if I can get a transcript of a video or just write down highlights from some of the key points the speaker talks about. I read differently if I am looking for information for research than simply for pleasure. Right now, I need to catch back up on finishing my sources and everything. I have had a crazy week with different things happening.


3 thoughts on “BP8

  1. Props to you for going to the library to check out a book, I am sure that will definitely help you out with your paper. I have the same problem with articles sometimes, that the titles look good but then I end up wasting time reading them and they are useless.

  2. Its definitely neat that you are deciding to use books that you got from the library, also the comparisons that you’ll be getting from the difference between publishing dates will make a great point in your essay.

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