BP7 – College


Forming a research question, I thought about something that I would love to dive deep into the topic. Right now, my questions is what is a college education? Some of the sub points that will be looked at possibly are: Is college for everyone? What is a degree worth? Does just getting a degree set you up to get a job? How does the MOOC craze affect tuition? This question has the potential to be narrowed down as I continue my research. Looking for initial sources was easy because this is a topic that I think about quite often. A TEDx talk I saw at OU helped inspire this question for the essay.

Databases to books is what I am using to get diversified list of sources. Some of the sources are in support of college and others criticize it for various problems. I will be ordering a couple of books off of Amazon to help develop my answer. The area of education has run through all of my blog posts and dbs responses. Professor¬†Mulliken has helped me weight some of the sub-questions that I could be asking. Never have I looked forward to an essay like this before. OSU’s Library has great resources for us to be able to access scholarly articles and other sources. It time to dive into all of these articles and sources that I have printed and develop some summaries.


One thought on “BP7 – College

  1. Those sound like some pretty good questions that you have thought of so far. I think it is neat that you are ordering some books offline to research more into your topic. I am interested hear more.

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