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Tech Workshops, Early Adopters Help Overcome Fears of Faculty” by Tanya Roscorla talks about fears of faculty in higher ed in adoption of technology. Professors are sometimes reluctant to use certain technology in the classroom and this isn’t based on weather or not it will help the students. Tanya talks about how for tech integration to be successful within higher ed there needs to be workshops and training programs. One of the major arguments is that Professors are flat out scared to use technology because of the uncertain change it will bring about. Through out this article, she focuses on one professor who attend one of these workshops and began recording his lectures. At first for him, it was scary to put his raw lectures out there for everyone. Soon, he saw the benefit that the students were getting out of it by being able to review them. Other professors within his department were reluctant and were found saying that this is how they are going to replace me. Educators sometimes jump to these conclusions that technology is there to boot them out. The argument to this was technology is actually there to enhance the classroom and the teachings. Slowly, others began to use this same technique in their classrooms. Tanya makes a emphasis on slowly over time introducing technology as such was done for PowerPoint. We can not force feed educators technology and expect them to disgust everything. Technology personal and early adopters jobs is to lead by example and slowly present new opportunities to expand the classroom. This concept does not apply only to higher ed but to secondary education as well.




2 thoughts on “BP6 – EDTech

  1. This is awesome, I really like the topic of this article. It seems like it would be something really interesting to read, I am very interested in technology and I feel very agreeable to this article that some people do not want to use technology simply because of the fact they dont know how and they dont care to learn. Good summary.

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