What Do Teachers Want From Tech Tools?


This is going off topic from a blog post that is due for class. I appreciate blogs like this because I want to know what teachers want. Today, I went to EdCampOKC!! It was amazing. I will talk about it more on another blog post but I learned that if you want to work in education sector you need to understand the teachers and their kids. I want to build edtech tools for students, teachers, and parents. How can I do that if I don’t understand where they are coming from? Seeking out their pain points, interests, needs, and the wiggle room they have we can help create better tools. Better yet, let us include them in the development process. We can step away from thinking we know or even asking once and then coming back with a finished product. Engaging the teachers and students through the whole process to make them feel as if they helped build it which they should. None of these tools would be possible without their input and approval.

If you don’t have the support of the teacher, then what do you really have at all?

Pernille Ripp

image from icanread

Too often when we discuss technology and what to use in  our classrooms we get caught by the flashy gadgets, the promises of something new, or the latest tool to be sweeping the community  We think we need the newest thing to keep us current and connected.  We think we need more tools to have better tech integration.  And yet, I often find that it is not so much about getting more tech, but rather using the things I have better.  So what does this teacher really want from her tech tools?

  • User friendliness.  I am not afraid of technology, meaning I will gladly play around with something until I make it work, but sometimes even I throw in the towel.  If a new tool is not something I can figure out a little within a half an hour then I doubt it will find a permanent…

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