BP5 – OSU Research


Tony Ivey is an assistant professor for Special Education. She has written on science education and policy as well. Kathryn Castle is an author and has written books on Early Childhood topics. This is so interesting that she has written on early childhood education, curriculum, and teacher research. Lynna Ausburn is an assistant professor for occupation education studies. One of the titles to her publications that caught my eye was “Are we there yet? The digital learning inflection pint revisited.” Recent, I have been learning a lot on digital learning. The question keeps beckoning when will we be ready for this and how can we adapt to this new style. Another one by Ausburn is on the strategy patterns and instructional preferences of students within career and technical education. Vocational Schools have been a hot topic recently. The perception that they  are only for the poor and unmotivated is completely false. Vo-tech can be for anyone even college bound students. I  attend a Pre-Engineering Academy at a local vo-tech. High schools are changing to more of a model where students graduate with more than a diploma. They have certifications and other awards as they graduate. YoonJung Cho is an associate professor for educational psychology. Her research focuses on “on students’ achievement motivation and self-regulated learning process and teachers’ motivation and its impact on instructional practices, both in traditional classroom setting and online instruction.(3)”

You might notice that none of the professors are from the computer science college. No of the topics in the CS College fell under what I was passionate about. In the near future, I am thinking about reaching out to some of these professors and interviewing or talking to them. All of their research topics are so interesting and I want to learn more about their topics. I want to see how they stay up with current trends and topics. Improving how I am informed and the breadth of sources I grab from needs to be broadened. This is really exciting to see all these professors working on papers that I am interested in and ready to learn about.


  1. http://education.okstate.edu/tivey
  2. http://education.okstate.edu/kcastle
  3. http://education.okstate.edu/ycho
  4. http://education.okstate.edu/lausburn

One thought on “BP5 – OSU Research

  1. I think it is really cool that we have published authors as teachers. Having someone of that prestige teaching our fellow students is an honor, and also the topics they are writing on is very interesting. Education and technology go hand in hand in today’s society and we have teachers getting books about that stuff published which is so cool! I think that is cool that you are going to reach out and I wish you the best.

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