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I have used Reddit before this assignment to share my blog posts I had wrote. Never would I think I would be allowed to surf through the subreddits for an assignment.

How To Build Evidence-Based Educational Tools That Work For Every Child


Michael Connell states that some educators do not take research to heart. He wants to through his company bring the bests research journals on how students learn math directly to students. Native Brain, his company, built a iPad app for young kids to learn math. One of the challenges for them is keeping true to the base research and keep up with newer findings. Being able to deliver a wonderful product and keep in line with subject matter is a balancing act.

Will EdTech excel in America’s classrooms?

We spend a ton of money on K-12 education yet are not seeing the same results as other countries. With that, many have turned to edtech to be the answer to help us recapture our students and begin to head towards improvement. Chelsea McCullough , the write of the post, is from Texas and highlights Texas’s forward thinking approach to our education problems. There are numerous edtech companies and initiatives to discover the best ways of improving our test scores. Students approve to these new change in teaching as referenced by a study in the post. My generation grew up with technology and the generations below me even more so comparative to our parents. The future holds great promise with the use of technology in education.

The Government Doesn’t Know How Much Its Student Loans Cost

This article is simple. It talks about how the government doesn’t know how much it is making and spending off of student loans. One thing is evident that student loans and dept are both growing.

Graphic from: Huffington Post


2 thoughts on “Reddit – BP4 – EdTech

  1. I think that is pretty interesting the information about new technology in school. It is very true that our generation has become so involved with technology, and if we don’t utilize it in the correct way then it can harm us. I also like all the statistics and charts you put about student debts, I didn’t know all that.

  2. I think it is terrific that people want to embrace new technologies like tablets to help teach. As a student I find it terrifying that loans and debts are always increasing! It is great that you found sub-reddits so close to your topic!

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