Our group was assigned to read “The Great Horse-Manure Crisis of 1894” by Stephen Devies. Stephen talks about how over history a problem presents its self and humanity has to solve it or face consequences. For people to solve whatever it is, there needs to be the correct incentives. Through this we can overcome the obstacles that present themselves in our life.  He uses one particular time in New York’s history to illustrate is point.  Back when horses was the method of transportation there were a few cons that followed. In larger cities, the manure would pile up on the streets until it was cleaned. Also, there was a rise in food and expansive land used up to house these horse. The urban planners met to resolve this but disbanded after a few hours. “It seemed as though urban civilization was doomed “. Others were not so quick to take the current situation as the definite solution. Gottlieb Damiler and Henry Ford were two of those people. Stephan then relates this old problem to our reliance on oil now. He states that “as any resource becomes more costly, human ingenuity will find alternatives.” Two lessons are laid out near the end. One being that if the correct environment is setup with the right incentives the problem will be solved. However, if this is replaced by a political motive then problems will continue to be as they are. Secondly, the future is hard to predict. We should still questions and push forward.

What are some of the manure crisis in education currently? May that be secondary ed or higher ed.

Who are the Henry Ford’s and Gottlieb Damiler’s of today’s education reform?

How will technology play a role in the new era of learning?

What will happen to the next generation if we resemble the urban planners?

How are we questions tradition to innovate towards better schooling?


2 thoughts on “BP3

  1. I like your questions that you pose about technology and how education will be in the future. It seems as though technology is taking over education, and who knows how that could end up? No one! Some people might say that the manure crisis of today could be technology, and that kids are just googling every answer and not actually learning anything themselves. Maybe in the near future you will be a Henry Ford of education and change the way people learn for the better!

  2. It will be very interesting to see how education advances in the next decade thanks to advancing technology and a need for change. I know that one advancement is the addition of free online learning resources.

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